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General Questionnaire: An e-mail will be sent end of January 2011 to all students of the Faculty of Technical Sciences.
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Personal Information

My Homework


Additionally offered tutorials (not the regular exercises) are very helpful  less helpful  no offer 

General Aspects of the Lecture Course

Objective, structure and main focus of the content of this lecture are: clear  not recognizable   
The quantity of the material is: appropriate  inappropriate   
The complexity of the material is: appropriate  inappropriate   
Connections and relations to other subjects of the study program are shown clearly. applies  doesn´t apply   

Didactic Aspects

The presented content is comprehensible and there is sufficient time to follow the arguments. applies  doesn´t apply   
The line of thought of the lecture is always recognizable. applies  doesn´t apply   
The relation to the exercises and the examination requirements is established. applies  doesn´t apply   

Presentation by the Lecturer

The presentation by the lecturer is: appealing  not appealing   
The lecturer raises interest for the subject. applies  doesn´t apply   
The lecturer verifies that the subject has been understood and deals competently with questions. applies  doesn´t apply   


The use of audio-visual aids (blackboard, overhead projector, data projector, etc.) is: appropriate  inappropriate   
With the handouts, lecture notes and recommended literature, preparation and revision of the lecture is: well possible  hardly possible   

General Impression

My overall rating for this lecture is: 1 = very good  6 = very poor   

Further Comments

Please restrict the comments to this lecture course, its relevance to the study program, the lecturer (please mention the name, if there are several lecturers), the evaluation and the questionnaire itself. Other comments should be inserted into the General Questionnaire of the Faculty of Engineering Sciences. 

Questions Defined by the Lecturer

The possibly following optional questions were defined by the lecturer only for his information, they have no relevance for the central evaluation process. 
Thank you for participating in the evaluation of WS 2010/11.
Prof. Dr.-Ing. M. Wensing, Dean of Studies
Jürgen Frickel, Evaluation Coordinator